VVUÚ has been assessing and defining fire and explosion risks for more than 70 years. VVUÚ is a market leader, a company with a modern and comprehensive laboratory, as well as test, expert, development and production facilities.

Ensuring industry safety is the clearly defined direction of the company’s core activity. VVUÚ offers its services to all companies at risk of industrial accidents, explosions or fires.

VVUÚ is a dynamically growing publicly traded company with strong research and development potential and its own extensive production facilities and accredited test laboratories.

The company offers all customers comprehensive support, services and products provided exclusively by professional specialists for individual industries and fields, including consulting activities and expert advice.

About us

VVUÚ was founded in 1952 as the Coal Research Institute. Over time special test tunnels and sites for testing fires, explosions of fuel, dust, gas and their characteristics, and other specialized laboratories and accredited test facilities related to explosiveness and flammability were built on the company’s premises in Ostrava-Radvanice.

Our accredited explosion protection test laboratory is one of the most modern centers in the world in terms of testing, research and customized activities. The complexity of our test park equipment lives up to this claim. The company also has accredited test facilities for equipment that prevents falls from a height and selected technologies. Our test laboratory for explosives and explosives accessories is one of the few notified bodies in the world. In parallel with these developments, we built an engineering production facility.

VVUÚ is a notified body (No. 1019) for the conformity assessment of selected products according to EU harmonization legislation. The Product Certification Division, i.e. the accredited product certification body at VVUÚ (No. 3076) performs the certification of personal protective equipment against falls from a height and slipping, rescue equipment for working at heights, protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX), as well as the certification of particular machinery, civil explosives, conveyor belts and flexible intermediate bulk containers.

Over the years, VVUÚ has become an important and much sought-after partner in safety and prevention across the industrial spectrum. VVUÚ sets a global trend in science, research and development projects. The company currently has over 120 regular employees and cooperates with leading experts, state institutions, universities and specialized workplaces.

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Sustained combustion test for liquids UN L.2

In the last year 2023, the accredited testing laboratory VVUÚ a.s. in the field of material flammability expanded it is scope of accreditation to include a new test for sustained combustion of liquids, also known as "Determination of sustained combustibility of liquids." This accreditation makes us the only testing laboratory in the Czech Republic and one of the few in the EU that can conduct these tests in accredited quality.

Powtech 2023

The VVUÚ cordially invites you to the international trade fair Powtech, taking place from September 26th to 28th, 2023, in Nuremberg, Germany.

New regulation - Machinery

On 29th June 2023 the Official Journal of the European Union published the text of a new regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2023/1230 on machinery. On 4th July 2023 a corrigendum of this regulation was issued.


VVUÚ, a.s.
Pikartská 1337/7
716 00 Ostrava-Radvanice
Czech Republic

GPS: N 49°49.82647', E 18°20.43112'

VAT: CZ45193380

Phone: +420 596 252 111
E-mail: vvuu@vvuu.cz

Regional Court in Ostrava, Section B, Insert 315

Bank account maintained in CZK
KB, a.s., Ostrava
Number: 5601761/0100

Bank account maintained in EUR
KB, a.s., Ostrava
Number: 35-3936400267/0100
IBAN: CZ2701000000353936400267

Marketing Department
Phone: +420 596 252 184
E-mail: marketing@vvuu.cz


doc. Ing. Petr Štroch, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
phone: +420 596 252 200
e-mail: vvuu@vvuu.cz


Romana Kubíková
Assistant of CEO
phone: +420 596 252 265
e-mail: kubikovar@vvuu.cz


Zdeňka Štrbová
Head of Economics Department
phone: +420 596 252 261
e-mail: strbovaz@vvuu.cz

Risk Analysis

Ing. Ilona Šimoníková
Head of Risk Analysis
phone: +420 596 252 333
e-mail: simonikovai@vvuu.cz


Ing. Tomáš Dorazil
Head of Product Certification
phone: +420 596 252 268
e-mail: dorazilt@vvuu.cz


Ing. Jakub Zdebski
Head of Testing Laboratory
phone: +420 596 252 347
e-mail: zdebskij@vvuu.cz


Ing. Lucie Jahnová
Deputy Production Manager
phone: +420 596 252 184
e-mail: jahnoval@vvuu.cz


Jiří Vrubel
Head of Purchasing Department
phone: +420 596 252 299
e-mail: vrubelj@vvuu.cz


Ing. Sylva Kazárová
CBP Expert
phone: +420 596 252 242
e-mail: kazarovas@vvuu.cz

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